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Quick tips to make meals healthy

  • Grill, steam, boil, microwave or stir-fry meals instead of frying or deep frying.
  • Use oil or water instead of butter, lard or dripping.
  • Use low-fat or reduced fat milk and milk products. Choose light blue milk instead of dark blue, edam cheese instead of tasty, and margarine instead of butter.
  • Use lite or reduced fat coconut milk in small amounts instead of coconut cream.
  • Choose canned fish in spring water rather than oil or brine.
  • Drain or skim fat off the tops of meals like mince, soups and stews.
  • Trim visible fat off meats and remove the skin from the chicken after cooking.
  • Choose cold cooked meats such as chicken, lamb, beef or boiled eggs instead of processed meats, such as luncheon, salami, bacon and ham.
  • Add legumes and grated vegetables to meals to add bulk and nutrients.