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Top BBQ tips

New to barbequing? Check out our top BBQ tips:

  • Get organised before you start cooking. Barbequing is a quick way to cook so make sure you have the right utensils and the food prepared before you start to avoid over-cooking your food.
  • Wrap vegetables, meat or fish in tin foil and place on the barbeque to cook the food without adding the charred barbeque flavour. The cooking time will be a little longer but you won’t need to clean the barbeque afterwards.
  • Choose fruit and vegetables that are in season and affordable over the summer months to cook on your barbeque. Try capsicum, pineapple, asparagus or tomato.
  • To speed up cooking times, take meat or fish out of the fridge 15 minutes before barbequing.
  • Barbeques aren’t just for lunch or dinner. Try cooking your favourite breakfast, such as pancakes, on the barbeque.
  • Don’t have a barbeque at home? Many councils provide barbeques for public use at local parks or beaches. Check out your local council website for more information.