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Fruit jelly cups

A tasty lunchbox filler or dessert. And much cheaper than store-bought fruit jellies.
  • 1 packet instant jelly of your favourite flavour (85 gram packet)
  • 2 cups chopped fruit, such as banana, apple, pear, canned peaches
  1. 1. Make jelly following the instructions on the packet. Then leave it to cool.
  2. 2. Pour the jelly into individual containers or pottles with lids (to go in the lunchbox).
  3. 3. Add chopped fruit to jelly.
  4. 1. Put in the fridge to set (for at least 3 hours or overnight).
Tip: experiment with different fruit combinations but avoid acidic fruits like pineapple, orange or kiwifruit as these stop the jelly from setting.