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Beach cricket

Cricket is our summer game and the soft sand and big open space at the beach make it the perfect spot for a friendly match.

You will need:

  • Cricket bat
  • Tennis ball
  • 4 wickets (or you can use large sticks)
  • At least two players

To set up your cricket pitch, choose a spot with plenty of room and as far away as possible from other beach-goers (you don’t want to hit anyone). Set up three of the wickets (or sticks) close together – these are the wickets the bowler will aim at. Set the other wicket up as far as you like from the others. A standard cricket pitch is about 20 metres long, but you can make it shorter if you like (especially if you have little ones playing).

You can choose to have either one or two people batting at a time. You will also need a bowler and the remaining players become fielders. If you have two batters, one stands at each end of the pitch. The bowler bowls the ball (overarm or underarm throwing is fine too), the batter hits, and both batters run down the pitch (changing ends) while the fielders collect the ball. Rotate the batters and bowlers often to keep things interesting for everyone, or when someone gets OUT.

Remember to Slip on sun protective clothing, Slap on a hat (wide brimmed), Slop on sunscreen and Wrap on some sunglasses.