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Indoor games with balls

Kids love balls and there are plenty of fun indoor ways to play with them, especially for younger children.

When the weather is wet and cold a great idea is to grab a ball, find a space and try some of these ideas:

  • sit a few metres apart and roll a ball back and forth to each other
  • throw balls into a bucket
  • if there are three or more of you, try playing 'piggy in the middle'
  • set up some skittles (or empty bottles) and roll a ball to see how many you can knock over
  • stand a couple of metres apart and bounce a ball to a partner
  • if you have two or more people, stand in a line and play overs and unders (passing a ball over your head, then between the legs of the person in front). You can time how long it takes to get through everyone (or through everyone 3-4 times) and try and beat your time.

Try playing with different sized and shaped balls to mix things up.