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Neighbourhood scavenger hunt

Take your scavenger hunt outdoors and have fun exploring your local neighbourhood.

Before you leave home, either get someone to make up a list of things in your neighbourhood to find, or make a list up for yourself. Start with ten things to find (you can always add more along the way if you find these quickly). 

The only rules are that you can only find one item per house, and you can't tick off items you find at your own house. The scavenger hunt ends when you have ticked all the items off your list.   

Some of the things you could include in your list are (but there are lots more, the list could be endless!):

  • a blue fence
  • a lemon tree
  • a white van or ute
  • a bird
  • a pink flower
  • a number plate starting with the letter C
  • a basketball hoop
  • a motorbike
  • a road cone
  • a black cat
  • something prickly
  • something that makes you laugh.

This is a great activity for younger kids to do with parents, caregivers, and/or older siblings. Older kids might like to turn it in to a race with friends.