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Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

Looking out onto the beautiful Waitemata Harbour, Wynyard Quarter is a must visit for Auckland locals and visitors. There is plenty for the whole family to see and do here.

Wynyard Quarter Playspace This maritime themed playground makes you feel like you're on the sea floor. Play in the sand, climb on the giant sea shells and bedrock.

Wynyard Basketball Court Next to the Playspace is a half-sized basketball court. Get a team together and shoot some hoops at one of the most popular basketball courts in town.

Daldy Street Park An exciting play area with native plants, water play equipment, two slides descending from a 7 meter high silo and lots of kerbless space to ride your scooter, bike or skateboard.

Sounds of Sea Found in three clusters along the wharf. Sounds of Sea are interactive art works based on the ventilation funnels and speaking tubes used on ships. Climb inside, play and speak into them.

[Visit the Wynyard Quarter website for more information on fun things to do and family events at Wynyard Quarter] (