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Fun in the garden

Fun activities for out in the garden.
  • Go on a garden treasure hunt.
  • Plant some herbs or vegetables, or even a tree. Watch them grow.
  • Collect flowers and put them in a flower press for your next art project.
  • Build a wormery: layer sand and soil in a large jar, or plastic bottle with the top cut off. Add some leaves, vegetable peelings, tea leaves and over-ripe fruit if you have any. Hunt for some worms to add to the jar, cover and set to one side in a dark place for a couple of weeks. Observe what happens.
  • Make a daisy chain.
  • Build a prickly cactus garden – use a large plant pot, add compost and coarse sand and add some mini cacti and succulents.
  • Catch some insects in a jar and draw them.
  • Grow cress in an egg – take an egg shell (break it near the top so you have maximum capacity). Rinse with warm water and place it in an egg cup. Put some damp cotton wool inside. Sprinkle over cress seeds. Decorate the shell to make a face, spray with water and pop on the windowsill to grow. It will take about a week.