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Rock hunting

This fun outdoor craze has taken off in many communities around New Zealand.

This is a great way to get kids out and about.

How does it work? 1 Collect rocks of any size from your neighbourhood - try your local river, beach or park. 2 Decorate the rocks using any paint you have at home. You can make them as simple, interesting and colourful as you like. 3 Hide the rocks at a park, walking track or reserve in your neighbourhood for others to find. While you're there you might like to hunt for rocks others have hidden. 4 Re-hide any painted rocks you find to keep the fun going - either at the same spot or in a different location.

Top tips

  • Try adding different colours, glitter or even stickers to the rocks you decorate.
  • Your design will last longer if you seal the rocks with clear varnish once the paint has dried. This can be purchased from most paint, hardware or craft stores. You only need a small amount so consider buying some and splitting it with a friend.
  • Remember to take a photo of your rocks as once you have hidden them, you might not see them again.
  • You can add a hashtag to the underside of the rocks with the town you live. For example, #kapitirocks or #taranakirocks. Your rocks may turn up in different parts of the country and the finders will know where they were created.
  • Some areas of New Zealand have dedicated Facebook pages set up for rock hunting. Search for your local area and join the group to learn about popular rock hunting spots and share photos.