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Plunket Sleep and Settling Chat - video one

In a series of three videos, Dr Bronwyn Sweeney a psychologist and sleep researcher from the Sleep/Wake Research Centre, with a special interest in the sleep of mothers, babies and their families, joins Anne Hodren, National Educator for Plunket, to discuss sleep and settling. Each video is around 12 minutes long.

Part one includes some key information and advice on the following:

• How sleep develops in babies, sleep patterns in newborns, how to help babies settle at night and the development of consolidated sleep.

• Key processes that help babies in their sleep development, including the building of sleep pressure and the development of the internal clock.

• The importance of exposing babies to light during the day, as this can help the internal clock develop. And avoiding blue light in the evening (e.g. from devices), as babies are particularly sensitive to its effects.

• Recognising that all babies are unique and cues that they are tired will vary. Getting to know individual babies is important, cues might include yawning, gazing away, sneezing, hiccupping, jerky movements or changing colour.

• Understanding that babies cycle through active and quiet sleep through the night. If a baby is stirring, he or she might still be asleep but in active sleep. Aiming for a hands off approach to soothing and settling the baby can be a good strategy.

Check out the video here: Video one