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Plunket Sleep and Settling Chat - video three

In a series of three videos, Dr Bronwyn Sweeney a psychologist and sleep researcher from the Sleep/Wake Research Centre, with a special interest in the sleep of mothers, babies and their families, joins Anne Hodren, National Educator for Plunket, to discuss sleep and settling. Each video is around 12 minutes long.

Part three includes some key information and advice on the following:

• How developmental milestones can impact on sleep as babies get older.

• Creation of sleep routines. It is advisable to create a sleep routine from 4-6 months (or earlier), for example, bath time, story time, or singing a lullaby. This will cue the baby that sleep is coming.

• Separation anxiety, which can develop at around 8-9 months, as the baby becomes more aware of when the parent is not there. This may lead to unsettled sleep.

• Removing obstacles to sleep if a baby seems tired. Parents are advised to watch the baby and follow the cues, every baby is different and cues will be unique to each baby.

Check out the video here: Video three